About NGF

Unveiling the Future of Education and Skills.

Join us at the CBSE Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival 2023 - 2024, a landmark event that brings together the brightest minds in education, skill development, and career planning. Building on the success of the 2022 events, this year's festival is a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and future readiness, designed for students, educators, and all key stakeholders in the educational sector.














NGF 2023-2024: Uniting Thousands of Students, Hundreds of Schools, in Countless Sessions and Workshops Across Cities - A Symphony of Learning and Growth!

Highlights of the Programme

Discovering Your Future Path

Education-to-Industry Link

Learn from Global Experts

21st Century Skills Focus


Global stalwarts mentoring students

Smt. Anita Karwal IAS

Secretary, School Education & Literacy

Atul Kumar Tiwari IAS

Secretary- Skill Education & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India

Smt. Nidhi Chibber IAS

Chairperson CBSE

Dr. Kiran Bedi

Former. Lt. Governor, Puducherry

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

American Astronomer, NASA

Lamchonghoi Changsan IAS

Additional Secretary (Institutions), Department of School Education & Literacy

Dr. Chintan Vaishnav

MD, Atal Innovation Mission

Dr Joseph Immannuel

Director (Academics), CBSE

Dr. Biswajit Saha

Director(Training & Skill Education), CBSE

Chetan Bhagat

Indian Author & Columnist

Muralee Thummarukudy

Director, G20 Global initiative, United Nations

Dr. Alexander Laszlo

Director of Research at the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras

Ashok Ramachandran

CEO & President , Schindler India

Ms. Shweta Khurana

Sr. Director - Asia Pacific & Japan, Govt. Partnerships & Initiative Global Govt. Affairs Group, Intel

Prof. (Dr) Sundeep Mishra

Vice Chancellor (President), Nims University, Rajasthan, Jaipur

Ms .Bani Paintal Dhawan

Head of Education, India and South Asia, Google Cloud India Pvt. Ltd

Saji Gopinath

Vice Chancellor - Digital University Kerala

Anand M K

Managing Director & CEO- Times Group

Dr. Prahlad Vadakkeppattu

Robotics Expert , National University Singapore

Ms. Radhika Menon

Lead - Skills for life and livelihoods, YuWaah (UNICEF Generation Unlimited India)

DR. Ajayya Kumar

Author, TEDx Speaker, Global Asian Of The Year 2022

Kiran Juneja

Indian Actress

Mr. Mohit Soni

CEO, Media & Entertainment Skills Council

Mr.Abhik Santara

CEO Atom Network , Ex- President Ogilvy & Mather

Mr.Dheeraj K. R

International Career Coach (Humanities Subjects)

Mr. Sajeev Nair

Eminent Author, Peak Performance Coach

Dr. Smriti Muralee Krishna

Research Officer, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia

Mr. Stephen Cutter

NFT & Metaverse Expert, Founder at Wuji Games

Ms. Vandana Mahajan

International Scholarship Adviser

Dr .Pavel Luksha

Founder and Director, Global Education Futures Initiative

Rama Sharma

Head - (Media & PR) CBSE

Ms. Neeraja Janaki

Social Media Career Profiling Expert

Dr. Parvathy Prasad

CEO - Bioroot Exploration India Pvt.Ltd

Ambarish Datta

Managing Director & CEO at BSE Institute Ltd

Ms. Lana Eghterafi

Global Career Expert, Alumna Harvard University

Rahul Nair

Co-Founder, Lifology Foundation

Who Should Attend National Guidance Festival

Students from 8 th12 th Grade.
Parents of teenagers
Teachers who seek to know about changing career trends
Principals and school representatives

Why Should You Attend the National Guidance Festival?

In-depth sessions on various careers and the future job market

Know the changing trends in careers and how to choose it right

Exclusive sessions on careers for science and technology, biology and life science, commerce, and management aspirants.

Understand the basics of getting into the elite universities across the world

Sharpen the ‘21st century skills’ for the future

Know how to plan early to win top scholarships

Listen from the experts on Exam preparation

What our happy clients say about us

We are so grateful for the wonderful things our happy and satisfied clients said about us. Find out what our past clients have been saying about working with us.

NGF transformed my outlook on education and career planning! The sessions weren't just informative; they were like personalized roadmaps guiding me toward my passions. I feel like I've unearthed a treasure trove of possibilities.

As a student seeking direction, NGF was a revelation! The immersive experience wasn't just about lectures; it was a dynamic journey where I discovered facets of myself I didn't know existed. It's like a compass now guiding me confidently.

" NGF wasn't your typical event; it was a catalyst for my personal growth! The sessions weren't one-size-fits-all; they were tailored to unravel my unique strengths and interests. I'm now armed with clarity and a sense of purpose."

"Attending NGF was like stepping into a world of endless opportunities! The unconventional approach and interactive sessions didn't just inform me; they ignited a spark within me. I now see my future as a canvas waiting for my unique strokes."

"NGF was a revelation wrapped in inspiration! The unconventional setup and engaging mentors made it a transformative experience. It wasn't just about choosing a career; it was about discovering my true calling and charting a path toward it."

"The event was a tailor-made compass for my aspirations! The sessions didn't just educate; they whispered possibilities. Now, I navigate my future with confidence and direction."

"It felt like a mosaic of inspiration! The sessions weren't lectures; they were sparks igniting my ambitions. I've stitched these insights into the fabric of my dreams."

"The guidance was a personalized symphony! Each session harmonized with my goals, creating a melody of clarity. I now orchestrate my journey with purpose."

"It was like a treasure hunt for my future! The sessions weren't maps; they were clues illuminating my path. Now, I hold the keys to unlock my potential."

"It was an adventure of self-discovery! The sessions weren't advice; they were revelations guiding me towards my true calling. I now embark on my journey, equipped and inspired."